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To be eligible for consideration, applications must be fully completed, including essay portion.

Apply for The Tara Marie Redmond Memorial Nursing Scholarship

Lorain County Community College announces the availability of THE TARA MARIE REDMOND MEMORIAL NURSING SCHOLARSHIP. The scholarship will be awarded to a needing and deserving student attending Lorain County Community College, pursuing a nursing degree. The scholarship may be used for tuition, fees, books and supplies. The recipient must demonstrate unmet need after grants and other awards.


  • Be a high school graduate;
  • Be enrolled at least half time at LCCC or its University Partnership by the application due date;
  • Be enrolled in clinicals;
  • Completed the FAFSA by the application due date and demonstrate unmet financial need;
  • Pursuing a Nursing Degree through LCCC and/or its University Partnership Program

University Partnership Students: In your Universal Application, you must attach your most recent transcripts and proof of enrollment in the UP Institution for the semester of the scholarship. LCCC students’ status can be accessed by LCCC’s Financial Services; therefore, they are exempt of having to show proof of enrollment and transcripts.

About Tara Redmond

It is hard to sum up Tara’s life in a paragraph. Some of Tara’s best traits began at a young age and her contagious smile was appreciated by all. She was strong-willed, yet considerate of others. Tara had a big heart and her love for animals was no less than her love for people. She loved sports and competition on every level. Taking care of and protecting her family and her friends always came first. Tara wanted to make a difference in life and her desire to be successful led her to a career in Nursing. 

It is with great pride that Tara gives this scholarship to a student sharing similar dreams.  

Application Deadline: 7/8/2023 12:00:00 AM

Questions Required to Complete Application

Provide a brief profile of yourself, including your educational goals.
Please list your interest/involvement in the community.
Please list any other volunteer, community service, extra-curricular activities you are involved with.
Please list any unusual circumstances or expenses, if applicable.
What other financial aid have you applied for and received? Please list name, amount and date applied.
ESSAY: Please write a 250-word essay in the space below on "How will your career in nursing make a difference to yourself and others?"