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To be eligible for consideration, applications must be fully completed, including essay portion.

Apply for Ridge Tool Company Scholarship

Scholarship Description

Scholarships will be awarded fall semester (as the fund warrants), for the entire academic school year (two semesters), to support enrolled Lorain County Community College and University Partnership students. Preference will be given to Ridge Tool employees, employees’ children, and employees’ grandchildren (to be identified by Ridge Tool). LCCC /UP non Ridge Tool associated students will have second preference. Scholars must be in good academic standing with LCCC or the UP institution going into the following semester to receive the remainder of the award. 

Additional Requirements

  • Must be enrolled;
  • GPA - preference (but not mandated) of 2.5 if not a first-year student;
  • If no Ridge Tool associated students are eligible, the scholarships will be awarded to any LCCC/UP student meeting the criteria. 
  • University Partnership Students: In your Universal Application, you must attach your most recent transcripts and proof of enrollment in the UP Institution for the semester of the scholarship (fall class schedule and charges). LCCC students’ status can be accessed by LCCC’s Student Financial Aid; therefore, they are exempt of having to show proof of enrollment and transcripts.

Selection Criteria

Applicants for the scholarships must demonstrate all required criteria. Ridge Tool associated students will be identified by Ridge Tool representatives who will work with either LCCC’s Foundation or Student Financial Aid Office to determine scholars – Ridge Tool associated students getting first preference. All other LCCC/UP applicants will be processed solely by LCCC. Lorain County Community College is authorized by law to make the selection of all scholarship recipients according to the standards established by the college.

Application Procedure

For non- Ridge Tool employee related students: to be considered for this scholarship, please complete and return this application by the listed deadline. Applicants must have submitted the necessary academic credentials for admission to the college before the listed deadline.

Application Deadline: 7/8/2023 12:00:00 AM

Questions Required to Complete Application

Why is college important to you?
Describe your past educational endeavors and any awards or associated activities.
Please describe why you believe you should be awarded this scholarship (300 words or more).
If applicable, name of Ridge Tool employee.