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Apply for Alfred R. Wolfli Scholarship for Military Veterans or their Children

Lorain County Community College is proud to announce the availability of THE ALFRED R. WOLFLI SCHOLARSHIP FOR MILITARY VETERANS OR THEIR CHILDREN. This award is intended to reward honorably discharged United States veterans attending Lorain County Community College or its University Partnership and who meet the following criteria:

  • High school graduate or equivalent; 
  • Enrolled at least half time at LCCC or the University Partnership (minimum six credit hours); 
  • Demonstrate evidence of academic success; 
  • Provide evidence of veteran status or that you are a son or daughter of a veteran; 
  • Active in the community, with preference given to applicants who are involved with veterans’ groups or organizations. 
  • Demonstrate unmet financial need in order to attend college. 

University Partnership Students: In your Universal Application, you must attach your most recent transcripts and proof of enrollment in the UP Institution for the semester of the scholarship. LCCC students’ status can be accessed by LCCC’s Student Financial Aid; therefore, they are exempt of having to show proof of enrollment and transcripts.


Alfred R. “Butch” Wolfli was born on May 26, 1929, in Lisbon, Ohio, to Alice and Fred Wolfli. However, his parents passed away when Alfred was very young, so he was raised along with his brother Edward and his sister Beulah, by his aunt and uncle, Erma and Joseph Weisand, in Louisville, Ohio.

On his 18th birthday, before completing high school, Alfred joined the military, and twenty years later, after serving tours of combat duty in the Korean War and Vietnam War, where earned the Purple Heart, he was honorable discharged. Shortly thereafter, Alfred started his second government-service career at the Colorado Springs, Colorado, post office, retiring in 1993.

Alfred always regretted his decision not to further his education even though he eventually earned his high school diploma while in the military. As a result, he was immensely proud and supportive of friends and family members who pursued or earned college degrees.

Alfred married Joyce Whiteside-Pyron in 1960, but the two were divorced in the 1980’s. Nonetheless, he maintained a close relationship with his step-daughter, Cathryn, until his death.

Alfred was a soft-spoken man with conservative political and social views. His great joy was the Rocky Mountain cabin he worked on for nearly 25 years. He died unexpectedly in May 2006.

Application Deadline: 12/16/2022 12:00:00 AM

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Questions Required to Complete Application

List community service activities, particularly your involvement with veterans’ groups or organization, and any special recognition or awards you’ve received:
How are you funding your college education? Please reference other scholarships or aid you are receiving.
Please write or attach a 250 word essay on how you or your parent(s) have benefited from military service.